Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 19 CHAOS on a TRAIN! The New South RDR2

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Welcome to part 19 of my Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay walkthrough covering the chapter 3 mission "The New South" where we continue our work for the Rhodes Sheriff Office and get into some gnarly action on a train while chasing down some wanted men. Afterwards there's an awesome fishing mission with Dutch, Hosea and Arthur with some great dialogue (and even a little singing..) along the way. Some epic RDR2 action right here, enjoy!

Join Arthur Morgan, John Marston, and the Dutch Van der Linde Gang; western outlaws trying to find their way in an ever modernising world that no longer recognises or tolerates their lifestyle choices and means of getting by. Anti-heroes with hearts of gold, or ruthless killers without remorse? Find out for yourself as you watch this deep and complex story evolve, bringing out emotions never before evoked in a video game!

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